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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary GPLed object oriented web collaboration tool written in PHP5
Category techcomm
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) paulha, sammywg, ytjohn

Message from the owner(s)

After almost five years of evolvement of the coWiki web collaboration software project, the development has been discontinued. The project passed away.

In the year 2001/2002, coWiki was the first bigger working application that used the verdant OOP features of the upcoming PHP5. And it did show well, how the new language features and object oriented patterns might work in PHP5 and how a restricted, sophisticated but user friendly Wiki could work.
In its lifetime coWiki has been transferrend to various maintainers, of whom nobody was able to improve the benefits of the orignal version: they just left unusable ruins.

On the mailing lists and other communcation channels, we've spend a lot of the time with unpredictable discussions and no real progress. What we've finally got is a bunch of broken versions vegetating somewhere in diverse rotten repositories. If you find it, do not install it - it is evil and will destroy you data sooner or later.

coWiki worked well for many people and companies and still does for me, but only because I use self patched, not tested nor verified versions. It was a nice piece of software with neat future capabilities.

I am sorry about this stunted coWiki development, but hope to see you interested in other and better managed projects of mine - when I keep the arbitrament. Alas, all I must now sadly say is: R.I.P. coWiki.

Yours, Daniel T. Gorski, the original coWiki author.

If you still believe in a reincarnation, are interested in coWiki for historical reasons, need information etc., please contact <sammywg [at] gmx (dot) de>. She is the "insolvency administrator".


coWiki is a sophisticated but easy to use web collaboration tool that helps you and your co-workers to create and organize web documents, weblogs and knowledgebases or any other document structures directly in their HTML browser. You may evolve ideas and gain a concomitant XML documentation of your brainstorming without having to concentrate on complicated structural syntaxes.

In many senses, it is very like a wiki but additionally provides an easy way to secure and discuss its documents.

A few coWiki features:

  • Editing of documents (web pages) in an HTML browser.
  • Automatic resolving of document links.
  • Possibility to rename any document at any time without leaving broken links. All links to other documents remain consistant even if you or someone else renames or moves a document.
  • Hierarchical directory/document structure that can be nested as deep as you wish. You do not get lost, the breadcrumb navigation tells you where you are.
  • Unixlike access management with owner/group/world access permissions (and restricted visibility) for each document or directory tree.
  • Document revision management, comparing, colored diff'ing and recovery of documents
  • Documents are parsed to XML for further export/transformation. PDF export is a good idea ...
  • Threaded forums for registered users
  • Plugin support through a defined API. Add your functions to coWiki.
  • Template based and multilingual.
  • Administration backend for complete management of this software and its users.
  • ... and probably a few more things you will like.