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[cowiki-issues] [Issue 150] WYSIWYG document editing

Author vishv
Full name Vish Vishvanath
Date 2005-02-27 15:49:25 PST
Message http://cowiki.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=150

------- Additional comments from vishv at tigris dot org Sun Feb 27 15:49:24 -0800 2005 -------
I can't let this one pass without comment...

No Flash in *any* capacity? Forgive me for being a little harsh here, but you
can't truly mean that - dismissing a technology out of hand is out of the question.

I am investigating templates using sIFR (Inline Flash Replacement) for headings
and major buttons, which will improve the look of coWiki dramatically, maintains
W3 compliancy and provides text equivalents.

If there is a reliable WYSIWYG editor in Flash (and there's a few whose
reliability I can't comment on), then I would rather use Flash than JavaScript
editors, including FCK which is excellent. Simply because there's browsers it
doesn't support, including Safari and all the Safari-based browsers.

A RT editor could be implemented as my old colleague Chris modified one to work
with an internal CMS, putting in custom tags and whatever was required. It was

In any case, it's pretty low on my priorities of what I want with coWiki,
because I actually use it to run my site.

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[cowiki-issues] [Issue 150] WYSIWYG document editing vishv Vish Vishvanath 2005-02-27 15:49:25 PST
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