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[cowiki-issues] Re: Hi, I'd like to help Cowiki, but...

Author cmarble
Full name Archie Campbell
Date 2005-03-09 06:03:45 PST
Message ...some wierd bug has me dumbfounded.

Here's what the log output looks like, with DebugLevel = D_ALL & ~D_IO.

[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] | | Request time: Wed 09. March 2005,
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] | | Request URI:
[GET] /admin.php?module=upload
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] | | Requested by: localhost (
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.025 | | core.base.php (51): Started processing.
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.083 | | core.base.php (223): Set locale to
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.006 | | core.base.php (259): Stopped
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.036 | | DocumentDAO (90): Initializing.
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.106 | EXE | PluginLoader (191): executing
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36]
[09-Mar-2005 13:40:36] 0.457 seconds - estimated total script execution time

This is puzzling, as class.PrivateAdminUp​loadListEditor.php contains the

    public function init() {
    Logger::exe( "initlike" );
        return parent::init(self::R​EQUIRED_INTERFACE_VE​RSION);


    public function perform() {

    Logger::exe( "help");

        $MediaDAO = $this->Context-​>getMediaDAO();

    Logger::exe( "helpend.");

As you can see, the Logger should output something during
initialization, and whilst the administrative plugin is loading stuff it
needs to function.

Even more bizzare: if I fill the class with gunk, asdfghjkl-style, php5
doesn't mind, and somehow avoids a parsing error whilst loading the class.

I know that I have had some effect, as this addition to admin.php

        if ($sModule == 'upload') {

        if (!$bDispatched) {
        if ($sCmd == CMD_EDITUPL || $sCmd == CMD_NEWUPL) {
            echo $Tpl->parse('adm​in.upload.edit.tpl')​;
            $bDispatched = true;

            if (!$bDispatched) {
                echo $Tpl->parse('adm​in.upload.list.edit.​tpl');
                $bDispatched = true;
is clearly being parsed & executed, and admin.upload.list.edit.tpl contains

<br />


<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
    <td width="600">
      {plugin PrivateAdminUploadListEditor}


and is clearly being executed.

[amsc@hvergelmir cowiki-0.3.4]$ locate PrivateAdminUploadListEditor

and that is all, so where's my bizarre (versioning?) conflict occurring?

I'm hoping that to have bitten off more than one should chew ought to be
harder. Is there some cache-ing of script pages within php5 that I'm
unaware of?

Thanks in advance,



> Hi Archie--
> I'm not quite sure what you're telling me. I know that coWiki parses
> everything into an internal XML-like format. So the first thing you
> have to check is that data you've set for your plugin is really in the
> database. I don't think your plugin will even get called at that
> point. I would expect to see it called when you display or print the
> data. Do you see calls to it then?
> BTW, you might be tempted to do
> <plugin MathML>Some special text here</plugin>
> But that won't work, and I think the parser will reject it.
> I you want, you can try posting your question on
> issues at cowiki dot tigris dot org and see what the other guys say...
> Paul
> Archie Campbell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to help the Cowiki project toward Beauty, Character &
>> Integrity. In fact, very much for my own purposes, I'd like to add
>> MathML parsing and a simple system of linking to uploaded media
>> files. The former I'd lift from mediaWiki, and the latter will
>> probably keep me busy for a while, or be modulated by those already
>> part of the project. Math processing is simple enough for a plugin,
>> so I'll start there.
>> As I'm not part of the development team, I took some time to hack
>> through the way Cowiki works; I've been familiarising myself with the
>> rigour of Cowiki's OOP.
>> So I started to hack away at home; I discover that Cowiki requires
>> some heavy petting before the various reflected parts of a
>> developmental stab at it are ready. That is, development must ready
>> several disjoint files to describe (from scratch) any single
>> development (requiring template and code).
>> But for my system, somehow, adjustments to files are ignored. Some
>> invisible layer of cacheing is somehow coming between me and the
>> code, such that adding calls to Logger::exe (debugging is enabled)
>> and insertion of junk into source are no longer viable means of
>> bringing forth interactions and pinning them into log files. Thus I
>> am thwarted at the application layer, and at the lower code-parsing
>> compilation layer.
>> It seems as though the code is selecting amongst available updates to
>> the source, and is ignoring all others.
>> I'm as embarrassed as finding that my browser has cacheing enabled,
>> which it hasn't!
>> Are either of you cognizant of a simple mistake that could produce
>> these results. Is this part of the move to php5 that I've overlooked?
>> Have I misconfigured Apache?
>> I'd be extremely grateful if you could point me in the right direction.
>> Yours in a state between enthusiasm and dumbfoundedness,
>> Archie Campbell

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