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[Issue 245] New links to other pages do not resolve correctly

Author paulha
Full name Paul Hanchett
Date 2005-11-20 21:40:32 PST
Message http://cowiki.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=245

User paulha changed the following:

                What |Old value |New value
       Status whiteboard| |Repro in a debugging envir
                        | |onment...
        Target milestone|milestone 1 |Fullerene_FC

------- Additional comments from paulha at tigris dot org Sun Nov 20 21:40:31 -0800 2005 -------
> Thanks for being so responsive - it's rather refreshing.

Well there are some (myself included) that would say this is not my normal
responsiveness! <G> I happen to have a personal interest in this issue as it's
made our own website uneditable.

I can see something strange happening on my personal machine... This is not at
all right.

Hopefully I can work on this during the week. This is something really bad.


Chamelaeon Wombatowski wrote:

> I've been able to recreate the problem reliably by realizing what I did. I
didn't notice previously that coWiki ignores case on a link, so what I did was
basically ((Foo)(foo)), and this always causes the problem. The problem with
linking cross-web only ever came up when I had nodes of the same name in
different webs (I haven't tested this conclusively - it's late and Monday
morning looms).
> The best "solution" I had, and what I've been going with, was to delete the
node out of the cowiki_nodes table, which is rather silly but worked okay as
long as this seemed to be an isolated incident. Clearly it's not, though. I
provided that info just so if the database looks a little weird you know why. ;)
> I have attached a dump of my cowiki db, and the log that has at least one
instance of trying to load an erroring page in it (should be the last logged
event, and likely the few before it). If attaching these is the wrong way to get
them to you let me know and I'll get them to you ASAP in the morning (USA
Central timezone).
> There are two nodes that I have which are erroring: 33 and 51. Both of them
use the same ((Foo)(foo)) syntax in their body. I don't currently have any of
the cross-web errors, but I could create some if you need them, and provide a
new dump tomorrow.
> Thanks for being so responsive - it's rather refreshing.
> -- Chamelaeon
> Paul Hanchett wrote:
>> OK, I have seen that problem. The main coWiki site has it at the moment. :-(
I haven't been able to reproduce it here...
>> Could you do a dump of the database so I could try to load it here and see if
I can reproduce it? Or send me the log you can't pick anything out of?
>> Paul
>> Chamelaeon Wombatowski wrote:
>>> Yes, it does. There's a <form> tag with action
"wikifolder/index.ph​p?node=50&cmd=ed​itdoc", and then after that form closes.
Following that is a </div>, a </td>, a <td> with an &nbsp; in it, a </tr>, and
the </table>.
>>> -- Chamelaeon
>>> Paul Hanchett wrote:
>>>> When you get a blank page, view the page source in the browser. Does the
text end right after a </table>?
>>>> Paul
>>>> Chamelaeon Wombatowski wrote:
>>>>> Hi there. :)
>>>>> I just installed cowiki a bit ago, and I managed to get it up and running
without too much trouble, and started adding content. Then I discovered a rather
random problem - every so often when I click Edit, the edit page will be blank.
>>>>> The web browser title displays as {%PAGE_TITLE%}, and the header displays
fine - but the menu and editor area are blank. My initial experiments made me
think this only happened when one used an alias link to a different Web (i.e.
((foo|bar)(baz)) ) but it seems to be happening when I do any alias at all. But,
of course, not consistently.
>>>>> With the debug level set to D_ERR the log displays nothing, and I can't
pick anything damning out of it when I have it set to D_ALL.
>>>>> Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
>>>>> -- Chamelaeon

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[Issue 245] New links to other pages do not resolve correctly paulha Paul Hanchett 2005-11-20 21:40:32 PST
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