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[Issue 238] Parser stubmles on legacy data links

Author cmarble
Full name Archie Campbell
Date 2006-01-24 11:18:23 PST
Message http://cowiki.tigris​.org/issues/show_bug​.cgi?id=238

User cmarble changed the following:

                What |Old value |New value
                  Status|STARTED |RESOLVED
              Resolution| |FIXED

------- Additional comments from cmarble at tigris dot org Tue Jan 24 11:18:23 -0800 2006 -------
This was the issue that sparked the now-very-nearly-finished Quest For The New

Good old "<document>​<link><strref​><![CDATA[Hakan​
Küçükyilmaz]]>​</strref>Alias​</link></docum​ent>" now spits out ((Hakan
K��yilmaz)(Alias)), just as it should.
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